Aquaban is a new generation application specifically manufactured to prevent dampness penetrating through masonry walls. Formulated for use on the external surfaces of above ground structures. Aquaban is a highly effective liquid-based water repellent which is environmentally friendly (containing no harmful propellants).

Aquaban is installed from the outside and stops the penetrating damp before it even gets into your walls. Due to the external application there is:

  • No internal mess
  • No plaster removal
  • No contractors traipsing through your house
  • No dust or debris
  • Two days or less installation time

Aquaban can be applied to buildings constructed from a range of building materials including:

  • Porous brickwork,
  • Cement renderings,
  • Cement and mineral boards,
  • Unglazed tiles,
  • Cast concrete,
  • Roughcast, stonework
  • Limestone and even Wood.

Surfaces treated with Aquaban remain permeable to vapour so that moisture already within the wall/structure can breathe and escape, however external water from rain etc. simply beads up and falls off the surface like water off a duck’s back!

Damp walls are cold walls!
If your walls are unprotected, harsh weather such as rain, sleet, snow falling/blowing against the surfaces, soaks into the brickwork/masonry, this is called ‘penetrating damp’. Once the masonry is damp the thermal conductivity becomes greater, therefore carrying cold/icy temperatures from outside through your walls more readily. Once the cold air/moisture chills the walls through it will reduce the temperatures on the internal surfaces effectively turning the internal faces of your rooms into giant refrigerators and lowering the internal temperature – result is that you have to turn the heating up to keep the house warm and therefore start burning more money and worsening your carbon footprint.

10-Year Guarantee
A Professionally applied, multi-coat application of the Aquaban System comes with a written 10-year no quibble guarantee.

Skilled operatives can apply two coats of Aquaban to the external areas of a standard three bed semi-detached house typically in under two days. There is no mess internally and the system starts to work immediately following application. Firstly, the ambient moisture levels of the masonry should reduce over a short period of time and moisture from rain etc. will be prevented from entering the masonry and re-wetting.

End result – drier warmer feeling walls which can last for over 10 years.

With the cost of supply and application to a standard 3 bed semi coming in at around £800 and a detached house at around £1200 (depending on the size of the property and access) can you afford not to do it?

  • Highly penetrating
  • Low odour
  • Becomes effective immediately after drying (approximately 3 hours)
  • Will shed waterborne dirt and surface contamination
  • Improves insulation by keeping surfaces dry
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Vapour permeable allowing surfaces to breath
  • Conforms to the performance requirements of BS6477: 1992

Aquaban is a professional use product and should be used in accordance with the health and safety data sheet supplied with the product.

Suitable PPE should be utilised when applying the product and care should be taken when working at heights and or using ladders and access equipment.

See Aquaban In Action

If you would like to enquire about a supply and apply packages with one of our registered installers, please use our contact form. You will be issued with a 10-year guarantee on completion of the installation.

Keep your walls dry and let them breathe

If you are confident with working at heights etc. and would like to apply the Aquaban System yourself, you can buy the product with full installation instructions and a free DIY application kit here:

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